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My name is Josh Stogner and I have hosted the Monday Night Music Hour on WXDR-LP New Orleans, Dolphin Radio for five years, trying my best to play different songs each show and still having a great mix. I am no longer doing the show at Dolphin Radio because of a move, so I've decided to bring my show to the internet and do it from the comfort of my home. If you're a longtime Monday Night Music Hour listener, glad to have you follow me to, and if you're new, I hope you stick around!

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There's plenty of music to go around and I'm looking forward to expanding the show's reach globally! I'll still be doing the Monday Night Music Hour, but I also might dabble in other shows that may or may not include music. I might talk sports, news, or movies/tv shows, or I could play different genres of music in a set list. Let me know what you'd like to hear!

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